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The Winter's Tale at Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Opens June 18 th

I am pleased to announce that my next directing project will be The Winter's Tale at Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company in western Michign. Pigeon Creek is an exciting "original practices" company that runs year round in the Grand Rapids are and tours throughout Michigan and sometimes out of state. Last week we had a strong turnout for auditions and the cast of 11 is now busy getting off book. Winter's Tale is a play I have been wanting to get a hold of for a while. Acts 1,2 and 3 are together one of Shakespeare's best tragedies and acts 4 and 5 are one of the best comedies. Shakespeare ties it all together by interweaving a mysterious ghost story. The play presents such staging challenges as a massive storm, a bear attack and a statue that comes to life.

The challenge for me as a director will be to unify these seemingly disparate parts into a cohesive story that is relatable to a modern audience. Of course, Shakespeare's genius does most of the work, but it will be a blast journeying with this cast to discover all the gems, both hidden and in plain-sight, in this funny, sad, scary and moving play. Check out PCSC at:

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