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Dennis Henry

Actor, Director, Instructor



by Moira Buffini

Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln--2013

Invited Production KCACTF Region V Festival--2014

Cetificate of Merit for Directing, KCACTF


a devised play

Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln--2014


by Martin McDonough

Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at University of Nebraska-Lincoln--2012


by Corbin Groothuis

New Artist Festival, University of Nebraska-Lincoln---2012

Production Descriptions and Slideshows 

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Silence by Moira Buffini

University of Nebraska, Lincoln       2013

Set in 1000A.D. a young viking prince discovers on ahis wedding night that he is a princess, thus precipitating a story of adventure, romance, genocide and the end of the world.


The production was awarded Certificates of Meirt  by KCACTF for directing, set design, costume design and stage management

"Strong Cast, innovative set give Silence voice"
--Lincoln Journal-Star


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The Pillowman by Martin McDonough

University of Nebraska, Lincoln            2012

A young writer is forced to confront a totalitarian state when his gruesome short stories bear a remarkable resemblance to actual murders. A story of the nature of artistic inspiration and lines between the escape to the imaginary and the horrrors of reality.

Production awarded Certificate of Merit by KCACTF for Projection Deisgn by Nate Ruleaux

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Prometheus Forgotten, a devised play

University of Nebraska, Lincoln      2014

Based on the tragedy Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, this production was a satiric and sometimes poignant look at discarded martyrs and pop culture as a substitute for political engagement. Devised by Dennis Henry and the cast: Kayla Klammer, Ryan Rabstenjek, Brenna Hill and Tony Thomas

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Nobody Puts Debbie in a Corner
by Corbin Groothuis

University of Nebraska, Lincoln       2012 

A world premiere dark comedy for the UNL New Artist Festival about a woman who loses her husband and child in a house fire, only to fall in love with the kerosene lamp that caused the fire. Yes, the lamp. Includes a demon baby, Discover Channel porn and gratuitous Dirty Dancing references.

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